Saturday, December 10, 2011

Winter Weddings: Attend In Style

Do you have an invite to a winter wedding this year? Stuck in a rut for outfit options? Two words: Faiza Samee! This Pakistani fashion designer recently showcased her latest designs at the Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza 2011 held at the Royal Garden Hotel Kensington in London. And yes, her designs are as luxurious as the venue  where she showed them off! This collection featured a variety of earthy tones with muted shades of orange and pink. This color palette is perfect for winter wear. You can look like you are dressed for the season and still wear bright hues. Notice that with such intricate patterns and embellishments, the models have opted for simple hairstyles and makeup, but have gone for brighter shades of lipstick. This look defines winter formal wear yet is warm enough to melt those snowflakes (and hearts) at your next public affair! So, if you want to stand out at a wedding this season, check out Faiza Samee's latest collection. The highlights from her London show are pictured below, but you can click here to view her complete collection!

(images via fashion central)

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