Thursday, December 1, 2011

Simply Sophisticated: Muted Nails

Most desi brides these days go for acrylic nails with either french tips or polish to match their dress. But, short and well groomed nails in muted tones can look very glamorous and can add a special touch to your bridal ensemble. Muted colors look absolutely delightful paired with vintage style jewelry and intricate mehndi (henna) designs. The understated look of this manicure will put the focus on the true elements of detail in your outfit. Enjoy four of our favorite polishes that will give you that perfect wedding manicure!

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Essie: Sugar Daddy, Revlon: Lilac Pastelle, OPI: Pink A Doodle, Sally Hansen: Pink Blink


Anonymous said...

I totally agree that simple, short nails look way better than things that most brides do. Thanks for the suggest nail polishes. (above)

Aneela. said...

@Anonymous No problem :) Let me know if you have any post requests!

xoxo Aneela