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The word desi [d̪eːsi] is a loose term for the people, cultures, and products of the Indian subcontinent or South Asia and their diaspora.

When I started the blog back in 2011, I had aspirations of getting into wedding planning and focusing on South Asians living in the United States. Hence, the name, The Desi Knot was meant to represent this idea of “tying the knot” as it relates to the South Asian demographic.

Well, some time has passed since 2011. I have since graduated undergrad (Merchandise Management & Business Administration) and am now preparing for my professional degree (Law). It’s no mystery that with the passage of time and new experiences, people discover new passions and their aspirations can change.

While I am no longer aspiring to start a wedding planning company (at least for now), I am still very much passionate about blogging and would now describe this space as a lifestyle blog.

I feel a special connection to the name of my blog because of the time in my life it represents and I believe it is still relevant because a) I am desi, being an American born Pakistani and b) the word ‘knot’ does not simply describe marriage. In this new context, it alludes to friendship, familial relationships, and the connection between me and you :)


For business inquiries, collaborations, blog topic requests, love (or hate) mail, please email: thedesiknot@gmail.com

Thank you.