Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bollywood Style: Sonam Kapoor as Aisha

We recently had the chance to kick back on a Saturday night and watch the Bollywood film 'Aisha' starring Sonam Kapoor. Sonam plays a quirky girl with an exquisite sense of style and personality to match. She was outfitted by the one and only fashion stylist and costume designer, Pernia Qureshi. Sonam is seen wearing clothes most women only wish they could pull off. From luxe evening gowns and frilly summer dresses to bright bags and funky sunglasses, Sonam does it all in 'Aisha'. To pull Sonam's movie star look into your own wardrobe, pair some bright accessories with nuetral apparel. Now, flick on a little winged eyeliner apply some bright lipstick and go conquer the world!

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