Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone celebrating Christmas today a very merry holiday! We don't celebrate Christmas in our family (being Muslim) which comes as quite a shock to my peers at my all girls private Catholic university lol. But, I can't say I don't love parts of the holiday. Whoever came up with the idea of green, poinsettia red, and gold was a genius! I also love the emphasis on getting together with family no matter what and sharing meals and presents. Some may say over-commercialization has made the day into something it shouldn't be, but I think the fundamental idea of being with the ones we love in a normally crazy world is a beautiful one indeed. Also, you gotta love those ugly sweater parties! I got invited to a few this year and explained it to my mom. To which she replied, "How are you going to decide which sweater to wear? All of yours are ugly." ;)

If you're not celebrating, enjoy your day(s) off without any pressure to get dressed up. Unless you're me and have a wedding to attend. I never win!

The photograph below is a shot I took of my doctor's Christmas tree! A job well done in my opinion!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Nail Combo Du Jour

Nail Combo of the Moment Featuring:
All Fired Up (Revlon)
Clearly Spotted (Maybelline Color Show)

Monday, December 16, 2013

Send Free Snail Mail With The Desi Knot

Have you always wanted to send your loved ones one-of-kind handwritten snail mail? Do you find it hard to make time to sit down and write something quirky and memorable? Maybe the convenience of e-mail has made you forget which side of the envelope to put the postage stamp;) Whatever the complexity of your situation, The Desi Knot is here to save the day! We are now offering completely free designing, writing, and postage of unique and creative correspondence. 

All you have to do is send in your name, the name and mailing address of the person you want to write to, and the message you would like to send them!

Email your requests to:

Please send your mailing requests by December 18th, 2013. Thank you!

Unfortunately, at this time letters are only being mailed within the U.S. and Canada.

Michael Kors Trend Film: Fall/Winter 2014/15

I recently did a trend forecast for the Michael Kors department store line called MICHAEL Michael Kors. The trend story I predict is called, 'High Tech Sport Appeal'. This trend focuses on sophisticated silhouettes and athletic wear comfort using high tech fabric applications. But, that's only a snippet of the picture! I'm really excited for y'all to see it! Let me know what you think? Do you see this as a trend Michael Kors could possibly do in his next 14/15 collection?

**For best quality, please use headphones. The music volume is significantly lower than the narration because of the platform it was originally made for.**

-xoxo Aneela

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Late Night Painting!

I recently ran across this simple canvas painting on Danielle Oakey Interiors and fell in love with the idea of painting vertical streaks in a variety of colors to create a fun effect. So, last night while I was fighting a bad case of the caffeine shakes as a result of too many cups of tea, I started mixing colors. With no real method, I was just going with the flow. When I looked down, I liked what I saw and decided to paint it onto a canvas. I added the arabic word 'Allah' which is another name for God and kaboom! I called it 'Allah: My Truest BFF'. I really love how it turned out! I thought I would share it with y'all because a lot of times I feel as if art doesn't require much planning. Some of the pieces I am most happy with are ones I come up with on the fly while fighting a bout of caffeine overdose. Let me know what you think!

The Inspiration

Mixing Colors

The Finished Painting

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

How dare I add words to a Wordless Wednesday post, right? But, I am trying to find the wallpaper in this picture! If anyone knows where this is from, please leave me comment! Or let me know where I could find something similar with that metallic foiling effect. Thanks and Happy Hump Day!