Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Black on Black on Black

There is nothing more sophisticated or breathtaking than a woman wearing all black the right way with subtle accents of either gold or silver hardware accessories. It works no matter how old you are, where you live, and what you look like. So, the title of this post is probably the best advice you will ever hear. I promise. You have to say it with a certain flair for the full effect, but my black theory should definitely be made your style mantra if it isn't already. Yes, you read that correctly, it is MY black theory and I am taking full credit for it. You are more than welcome to use it though! Alright, let's get into the meat of the mantra. Follow these pointers and you will look like you have a personal stylist living in your closet. Shhh....

The Fit
Yes, we all realize that black is the holy grail color for hiding that food baby, but that is not to say that size does not matter. Make sure your garments are snug, but not squeezing, stretching, or pulling in all the wrong places. Below are two prime examples of perfectly fitting black. I don't need to say much about these because you can clearly see how well it works. It just works. Over analyzing will just take away from the effortless beauty of this outfit. I will add though that the Prada bag is the blackberry cherry on top!

Accessorizing It
When it comes to accessorizing, I believe that statement pieces in gold and silver look much more subdued on black than on any other color. If done correctly, you can get away with a lot in the name of black. Here are some examples of bold hardware pieces that look stunning on black!

The Modesty Factor
Another one of my favorite things about all black clothing is the level of skill it takes to look vulgar. Basically, unless you are trying to look tasteless, black will prove to be super flattering and sophisticated looking without much effort. Here are some of my favorite black outfits. See? Covering up can be beautiful!

(all images via tumblr)

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