Monday, January 25, 2016

The One Who Couldn't Stay // Spoken Word

The regular congregation of birds outside my bedroom window

You sought refuge from the bitter cold, inquiring for a place to stay.
I watched the light seep out of you and embrace the night like day.

And in my childish excitement, fixed up the finest room the inn had to offer.
Eagerly passing you its key.

True, you were a guest, but I had arranged a permanent abode.
Hoping you could stay.

How little did I know?
You were just another nomad, stopping to catch your breath along the way.

Well, I hope you find your way.

And, how true is what they say?
They all go away.
Eventually, they all go away.

// To listen to an audio version of this piece, click here //


Anonymous said...

I love it Aneela!

Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful! Love the anticipation, acceptance and letting go.

Anonymous said...

What's up? No more blog post

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful Aneela. You're a talented woman mA!

Aneela Nasir said...

@highoftoday Thank you! That was the perfect summary of what I intended to deliver! :)

Aneela Nasir said...

@Anonymous Yes, there will be more! Lost my momentum a bit as a result of spending much of my days studying lately, booo. Thanks for the push though! I'm working on getting something out very soon!

Aneela Nasir said...

@Anonymous Jazakallah! So glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for stopping by!

Aiman khan said...

Hi aneela ! Your write so perfect...i am amazed to see such a long list of writings mashAllah.You should join schribophile to critique others work to help them with their writings.And why dont you try to get some of it published❤️

Aneela Nasir said...

@Aiman Khan Thank you for your comment! I checked out schribophile, it looks like a really neat community of writers! Will try it out :)