Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Today, I want to have a little heart-to-heart with you. Shall we? So, I have a few things to say about life and social media.

Now, I know you may be thinking how strange it is of me to put social media on a high enough importance level that I am grouping it in with a conversation on life. But, I really feel like we have made it this important as a society.

Personally, the social media app that I keep up with most is Instagram. For me, it’s fun to see what my “real life” friends are cooking, where they are traveling to, and who they’re hanging out with. It’s just something I consider enjoyable. I also follow people I don’t know personally (i.e. fashion bloggers, famous journalists, artists, and companies) because I find their posts to be creative, inspiring, and entertaining.

But, what I have found to be true in many cases through talking to friends is that many people use Instagram as a way to determine the fullness of their lives by comparing themselves to the pictures that other people post. Oh, your friend from high school is always “instagramming” from exotic locations? Her life must definitely be better than yours. (Please note the sarcasm in the previous sentence.)

The truth is, everyone has moments and days that are less than perfect. It doesn’t mean that they are lying by only posting the happy moments. They are just showing the positive instead of dwelling on the negative. I mean, honestly, would you want to see people posting about all the things that go wrong in their lives? I know I wouldn’t. I actually find Instagram to give me the opposite effect in that even if I am having the worst day or am super worried about something, seeing a friend post from a wedding or share something special makes me feel happy…not envious.

So, if you’ve ever found yourself feeling down that someone’s life on social media seems happier, prettier, or easier than yours, just know that everyone goes through low points. And, hypothetically speaking, let’s just imagine for a moment that there is someone out there who has the perfect life. There is still always something to be grateful for.

If you are reading this post right now, you have an internet connection. Now, there’s something to be grateful for! Ok, but all jokes aside, now that we’ve established that you have internet access, chances are you also have a place to live, clothes to wear, and food to eat. With these basic things (that A LOT of people in the world do not have), how silly must it seem to God that we stress out over things like Instagram?!

If you’ve never played the comparison game, congratulations. You’re on the right track. But, if you have, I really hope that what I’ve said above hits some spot for you and resonates with you. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Fully enjoy the life you are given and the special people in it. After all, #YOLO.

xo Aneela


KS said...

My God, you write so beautifully!

Anonymous said...
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Aneela. said...

@KS My God, you are so kind! Thanks for stopping by! xo A

@Anonymous Thanks for the suggestion! May be in the cards for an upcoming post. xo A

Anonymous said...

Gurl you yourself is an INSPIRATION!!

Anonymous said...

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Saadiya said...

I personally LOVE this post. It is so easy to sometimes forget that each and every one of us is going through a trial. No one has it easy. Instead of dwelling on what could be right, we can always focus on what IS right. It makes us realize how grateful we should be.

Saadiya Zarrin

Aneela said...

@Saadiya YES. This was exactly what was going on in my head when I was writing this post! We just have to work through the low points and savor the high ones. Thanks for reading as always, Saadiya. I miss you tons!

Your Aneela