Thursday, November 6, 2014


That salutation up there was me "trying" to say hello while shivering. It is suddenly freezing in our house and the wind has been howling for a bit. Also, I worked out today after a long hiatus and ma knees be achin'! Does anyone else get really achy knees after running? I only get them the first few days, but boy oh boy....they HURT.

So, lately I've been super domestic and cooking every night. Sometimes, I get lazy and make one of my signature dishes that I could make with my eyes closed (ie. butter chicken, lentils and rice, stir fry, basic curries). But, a lot of days I have been trying new recipes because of my close relationship with pinterest. I have been pinning and cooking everything under the sun! Today, I made tandoori chicken and zucchinis with naan. I know, weird combination, but hey, desperate times call for desperate measures. I made the chicken in a wok-type pot and I wanted to combine bell peppers into the curry mixture, but we were out and the aforementioned windy weather/knee situation forced me to improvise with zucchinis. I got good reviews all around, if I might add!

I will finish off this little post with this ADORABLE wittle guppoo!! Did your day just get a little brighter? Mine sure did!

xo A

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Halima - Fashionicide said...

Ha! When I work out my calves are in agony!

Totally appreciated the cute photo at the bottom of the post.



Aneela. said...

@Halima I know right! Thanks for stopping by, Lima!

Also, I love anticipating what your next hair color will be;)

xo Aneela