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Please Note: Yes, I am yet another blogger who has chosen to write (although 12 days late) a piece about the new year. But fear not, I will not put your eyes through the misery of having to read through yet another list of resolutions :)

Well, here we are. Yep, we've survived another year on this planet; all praise belongs to God for that. We are now almost two weeks into 2015 and I’ve been doing some serious thinking these past days about what it means to me that I’ve made it here and how I can thank God for giving me the breath to see the turn of another year. I mean, I consider myself lucky to be here as I think about the horrible things happening around the world and the innocent lives being lost to senseless acts of violence, natural disasters, disease, etc. A recent stand out in my mind is the loss of the angels of the Army Public School in Peshawar, Pakistan which is still a fresh wound in my heart. And, while I believe it is important to grieve and honor those who have left us, I also think it is equally important for all of us to continue living in a way that shows our gratitude for being given another day, another breath.

Not to put down anyone’s lifestyle, but I feel, especially here in the United States, many TV shows, musicians, and other sources of entertainment encourage our youth to waste their best years away in the pursuit of temporary enjoyment like alcohol, drugs, material wealth, etc. The message I see being thrown at us day in and day out is to simply exist for short term fun rather than live to our maximum potential and have concern for our future past Saturday night. Even this year, concerning New Year’s Eve, my university friends’ three major concerns were 1. which smaller subset of friends to party with, 2. what to wear, and 3. which destinations to hit up worth a full night of celebration. And once a night of bar-hopping through the city had ensued, they would decide where to go for late night/early morning pizza, I learned during post-celebratory conversation. 

When I look beyond what seems to be a glittering lifestyle sans a dull moment, something about imagining people who truly have a special place in my heart spending their New Year’s Eve/Day in this way really saddens me because I know that their celebrations won’t do them any good past that one night of enjoyment. It makes me grateful for the way Islam teaches me to spend mine, in prayer and reflection on the past year. I wish that my non-Muslim friends could try out New Year’s Eve our way and see how enjoyable and calming it is. No pressure, no insane expectations to have the best night ever. Just you, God, and the thoughts you share with Him. It really makes for a magical night.

Well, these have been my two cents. I hope I was able to offer something that resonates with you in some way or at least gives you something to think about. 

Here’s to a year of happiness, health, and spiritual advancement! And, as this blog turned 3 years old on December 1st, I want to thank all you from the bottom of my heart for another great year! Thanks for reading! 

xo Aneela


Nicole F. said...

This is great! Happy New Years!

Anonymous said...

Your writing voice is beautiful, Aneela! I can hear you in this. Keep writing!

Anonymous said...

Exited for ur next post!!!

Aneela. said...

@Anonymous It's coming very soon! Thanks for reading!