Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Well, here it is! 2012! I just want to start off this post by saying that my posting will become regular again. This holiday break has been quite a handful and today is literally the first day that I am at home with almost nothing to do. I'm recovering from a crazy three day wedding and a sore throat from all the socializing I've been doing. I know...give a girl someone to talk to and she just cannot shut it! Anyways, I don't about you all, but 2011 has been a roller coaster ride for me. And not just any roller coaster, I'm talking about the likes of 'The Big Drop' at Six Flags! So, here's to hoping that 2012 will be full of success, serenity, and love for all of us. I thought I would start off the new year on the right foot by making some goals for myself. I know what you're thinking. Resolutions are so cliche. But, mine are just little places in my life where I want to improve myself...sort of like little adjustments or tweaks to brighten the bigger picture of my life. I called them the big 12 of 2012. So, I came up with 12 goals that I want to accomplish in the next year and posted them on my bulletin board. What about all of you? Are you coming up with personal goals for the year or are you just going with the flow? Anyways, enough with all this talk of aspirations! I hope you all have a very beautiful year ahead of you and many more. And, I hope that you stick with me through this blogging journey and see it grow in the new year! Good luck and stay happy!

So, instead of boring you to death because my resolutions are not the most interesting, I thought I would mix things up a little bit by imparting on you some words of wisdom to remember throughout the next year!


Naila I. said...

I love that--"Don't follow your dreams--chase them!" Nice! You are so lucky you had a wedding to go exciting!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year. I definitely intend to chase my dreams this year, thanks for thw words of wisdom :) x

Aneela. said...

@Naila I know...very wisely spoken words. Yes the wedding was hectic but super fun!

@Parveen Thanks! Yes whatever your heart desires...just go for it! Thanks for the follow by the way :)