Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DIY Wedding: Place Settings

If you have a slight (or major) obsession with collecting little nick knacks, designing your wedding place settings may be one of the few situations when your pack rat ways will come in handy! A few months of planning, sketching, some thoughtful thrifting and bargain shopping and you can create some place settings that even David Tutera himself could not top :) The great thing about wedding place settings is that they are the one element of your wedding that your guests get to experience up close and personal. So why not make them breathtaking and fabulous? Below are some of my favorite place settings that I have seen thus far and a template you can use to create the perfect place setting! The template is great to refer to so you don't forget any important dining elements, but you don't have to follow it to the T. Let your personal style shine through your place settings and don't forget to have some fun along the way!


GiGi Reed said...

These pictures are gorgeous! You just taught me a few things about place settings. Thanks for sharing! :)


Ethiopian Pearl said...

I live along the western coast of africa, and sometimes we dont have enough water for flowers so what should I do since flowers are so important to the setting? should I just cacti? or maybe taxdermized desert animals embellished with savannah grass? Also I'm able to afford enough food to present on so much dinnerware? can I just use the water and bread plate combo?

Aneela. said...

@GiGi Thanks I really appreciate the support!

@Ethiopian Pearl Yes! You can definitely improvise this setting! You could also use fake flowers if you are going for the colorful look. Work with what you have girl and rock it! Thanks for reading!