Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Desi Knot Loves #4: Music Edition

Even though I haven’t written on my blog in way too long, I have been craving an opportunity to post on here forever and a lot of ideas have been brewing in my head. I am hoping that I will be regular enough with my writing in the future that I don’t have to begin each post with an explanation/apology for my absence. So here’s to hoping for a more poppin’ future on The Desi Knot…

As for right now, where shall I begin? I have basically been caught up with life, impromptu travelling, and A NEW JOB! This is actually my first real job of my life. Today, was my fifth day of work and I have to say full-time shifts are so exhausting! I didn’t think it would be such a big adjustment, but when I get home at the end of the day, I am absolutely ready for a nap! It has been getting easier though with each passing day, so I hope this routine will grow on me soon.

Working has also motivated me to look for something to do in my free time that I truly enjoy and can use as an escape from becoming a boring workaholic. So, with that, I return to this lovely corner of the internet. And today, I present to you, another installment of ‘The Desi Knot Loves’. NUMERO CUATRO. You can search my blog for ‘The Desi Knot Loves’ to read my previous posts written in this format. This time around, I will share with you some of my favorite music of the moment. Some of these songs are in Spanish, but I think they can be enjoyed even if you don't understand the lyrics. The beat is just so rich. Don’t forget to comment below on what YOU have been listening to lately and I will be sure to check it out J

xoxo Aneela 

1. El Perdador by Enrique Iglesias ft. Marco Antonio Solis (Bachata Version)
So, I LOVE this song! I can't really decide if I like the Pop or Bachata version better. It's crazy to me that they choreographed the dance to match both versions in the music videos. They are both very well done!

2. Gangsta by Kat Dahlia
"You say you a gangsta, but that don't impress me none. I do it all myself. I ain't gettin' help from no one." What a message... #deep

3. Senorita from Zindagi Ma Milegi Dobara
This is SUCH a fun song/video from an epic film about friendship. It reminds me of Guatemala like no other (even though nothing in this video looks like anything I did there lol). The craziest thing about this song and music video is the story behind it. Google the song and read the wikipedia page about it. It's crazy!!

4. Loca by Shakira ft. El Cata
I heard this one night on the ride home from the clinic in Guatemala. Haven't been able to stop listening to it since.

5. Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg
Because I have to throw in a cute sappy song for good measure. Duh.


Scanner said...

When I got the email from the DESIKNOT saying there was a new post my heart literally jumped out!! Thank God your back! I am soo exited to read more posts!!

Aneela. said...

@Scanner Haha I'm excited that you're excited!!

xoxo Aneela