Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Night Arm Party!

Today, I played around with some new tangerine accessories. I mixed them with my rose gold coloured (Doesn't it just look more sophisticated spelled with a 'u'?! ) watch and a silver bangle with a single rhinestone. All of the accessories are from the department store, Kohl's. My watch always gets mistaken for a Michael Kors until people come closer and see the ginormous Minnie Mouse etching on the face. I love it!

I feel like I should add some clutch advice about creating wrist stacks, but whenever I come up with a good combination, it's the result of coincidence mixed with raiding my mother's jewelry collection. Literally, the majority of the accessories I own are things my mom let me keep because I was OMG OBSESSED. Maybe one day I will also acquire my mom's taste in fashion. Amijan, I know you're reading this and I just want to say I think you should keep letting me call dibs on your pieces because it's all part of my plan towards style nirvana. I am simply thinking to the future;)

So, while I definitely believe that the perfect stack is a chance encounter with the right pieces at the right time, I do think this post by Carly (the college prepster) is a great starting point for the novice stacker!


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