Monday, February 6, 2012

Sunday Sweetness & A February Challenge

Hey Everyone! Long time no see right? I'm sorry I have been such a bad blogger lately and I want to thank you all for continuing to check back for updates and for leaving comments. My life has been very hectic lately and I have been working on several projects as well as studying for school. Here is your weekly dose of Sunday Sweetness. Well, these words are not so sweet, but I think they are invaluable words of wisdom and they definitely come to mind when I am about to do something questionable. The Chinese can be quite clever at times, eh?

And, seeing as my blogging has not been up to par as of late, I thought I would add on to my Sunday Sweetness this week and give you a little extra something to read. As you can probably tell by looking at this site, I am quite infatuated by the color pink. And what better time to bask in our obsession with this color than the month of February? Here are some things that I challenge you to do this February. I promise they will add a little happiness and love in your life whether you have a significant other in your life or not.

1. Listen to this 1946 song by French singer Edith Piaf. I don't understand a word of it, but it makes my heart melt. I've seriously had it on replay all evening! And if you are interested in the translation, there is a beautiful version sung by none other than the brilliant Neil Armstrong. They are both very good, so just try both. You will not regret it and they will put a little spring in your step. Ok please listen to this one as well. It's called Mon Amour and you will also love it to bits.

2. Make something yummy and pink for the loved ones in your life. It's true what they say about is way better than receiving a gift. If you are feeling particularly domestic, try making these Chocolate Rolled Valentine Cookies. The recipe can be found here. Otherwise, you can just get crafty with a couple of your friends and make Valentine's for each other. My sisters and I love to pull out our scrapbooking supplies and make Valentine's for their teachers...they always seem to love it (especially with some La Vie en Rose playing in the background :) 

3. Wear something pink every day. I am definitely going to do this in February (even though I think I already do). Whether it is an article of clothing or a pair of pink studs, wearing something pink is sure to get you in a festive Valentine's mood and people will notice how chipper you have become :)

4. Put some fresh flowers on your nightstand and wake up to the scent of fresh flowers. It is one of the best feelings in the world and you may even wake up before your alarm clock goes off...not. My personal favorites are orchids because they smell amazing, go with most decor styles, and last for ages. They are the poinsettias of spring blooms because they never die and don't require regular watering. 

5. Put something cheerful (or pink) on your computer desktop! My friend Carly Heitlinger aka the college prepster makes these cute wallpapers from time to time and I like to rotate them throughout the year. Here is the one I chose to use this month and it makes me so happy every time I turn the computer on! 

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