Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The post where I tell you to do your nails at home.

My little sister and I try out our own at-home nail art.

Ok so picture this: I’m on Poshmark gushing (side note: Did I just use the word ‘gushing’? Who am I?) over some dannijo jewelry when suddenly I come across a picture that stops me right in my tracks. I mean yeah, the ring is nice, but what really catches my attention are this woman’s nails. They look so thought out, yet at the same time, so effortless and DIY-able. All of a sudden, I have a zillion questions in my head? “Did she do those herself?”, “What a color combination?!”, and the classic, “Why didn’t I think of that?!”

So, after some brief conversation thorough interrogation, I am happy to report I come bearing answers! This woman lives in New York City and works for Christian Louboutin! Doesn’t this story just keep getting better like leftover pizza for breakfast? Anyways, so she’s probably one of those “I ain’t got time for nonsense, but I still like cute nails” type of girls because she goes to this ultra-cool nail salon called Paintbox. They are a “modern manicure studio” and their whole premise from what I have seen is that they come out with a look book every season containing carefully curated color combinations and simple designs for clients to choose from. So, you can’t just request your own idea, you have to choose from the book. This is actually brilliant because the colors and designs they have chosen are universally flattering! They also have a nail photo booth, so you can take the perfect instagram and show off your fresh paws to the world!

Some examples of Paintbox designs via @paintboxnails on instagram

But back to reality, not all of us live in NYC, so some of us “do have time for nonsense AND still like cute nails”.

So, I basically looked through my nail polish collection and found color combinations, gems, and stickers that remind me of the paint box vibe. I showed the @paintboxnails instagram account to my mom and sisters for inspiration too and we created our own looks based off of the designs we saw. It’s so much fun to do them at home and with a few good tools, they look just as good as a salon manicure. I have included some pictures of our simple designs below.

Some examples of designs we created using simple tools and techniques.

Here is a video I made showing you some of the tools I use to create a long-lasting Paintbox inspired manicure:

At Home Nail Art Basics // The Desi Knot Blog:

P.S. In the video, I totally forgot to mention clear top coats. They are really important in ensuring your manicure will last and any glitter or gems you use don't fall off easily.

I hope you all have a great week! Until next time, take care!

xo Aneela

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