Friday, December 25, 2015

An Ode to the Snow that Isn't: A Nail Look

Greetings Martians (greeting recommendation courtesy of my little sister),

I have a ritual of doing my nails every Friday morning. Considering the amount of housework I do (you're welcome everyone), no manicure has EVER actually lasted an entire week. But, I find Fridays to be the best day to do it because this gives me fresh nails for Friday prayer and whatever I am doing over the weekend.

This week, my manicure is inspired by the snow, or lack thereof. I'm used to going sledding during winter break with my sisters, but Wisconsin is incredibly snowless this season. The grass literally still thinks its summer outside. It is SO weird! So, this look is my ode to the snow that isn't. God willing, we'll get a glittering blanket of white in time for New Year's.

Get the Look:
I created this look by applying two coats of 'Already Famous' by Sephora OPI as the base color. I did the first coat on all of them, but for the second coat, I painted one nail at a time, pressing loose silver glitter on the bottom half of each nail while wet to create a "snowy" effect. To seal the loose glitter and add even more sparkle, I finished off by applying one coat of "Heavenly" by Revlon. Of course, you can replace these specific shades with whatever similar colors you have at home :)

Hope you enjoyed this nail look and have a great weekend!

xo Aneela

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