Monday, October 1, 2012

The True Character of Muhammad!

I do not really talk about not-fun topics on my blog, but I felt that it was necessary for me to address this issue in some way as I am a Muslim and would like the freedom to defend my faith if I feel it has been attacked in some way. As many of my registered readers (especially those who follow on facebook and twitter) are desi, you guys have probably at least heard about the controversial film released recently that portrays our beloved Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) in a negative light. I am not going to mention the director or the name of the film on here because I do not think they deserve any more attention than they have already received. But, I will say this much...everything depicted in the film is false and based on ignorance. The makers of the film obviously did not do any research on Islam and seemed solely to have been on the hunt for attention.

Although, I completely condemn this film, I also condemn any violence or protests that have been taking place as a result of it. The news is filled with examples of Muslims all over the world getting their anger out in the wrong ways. The most horrifying example for me was when a certain Pakistani politician announced that he is offering a large reward to the individual who commits the murder of the director of the film! What a huge disappointment!

So, I present to you, the moderate Islamic response to the film and its disgusting portrayal of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)! I hope it acts as much as an eye opener for you as it has for me. Then you decide what you support...the film, the violence and protests, or the intellectual and well informed proclamation of the truth. So, what will it will it be? Feel free to leave your politely delivered responses in the comments below:

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